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Shore & Beach

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ASBPA announces the 2016 Photo Contest
(5/25/16) BEACH NEWS: Water Bill supports Beneficial Use of Dredged Sediment
(5/23/16) BEACH NEWS: Celebrate America’s beaches: ASBPA names its Best Restored Beaches for 2016
(5/10/16) BEACH NEWS: Investing in the coast pays off
(4/26/16) BEACH NEWS: Don’t take your coast for granted
(4/18/16) BEACH NEWS: Federal Funds for Shore Protection Included in Energy & Water Appropriations
(4/13/16) BEACH NEWS: Tsunamis: One of the coast’s most destructive forces
(3/24/16) BEACH NEWS: How can federal agencies invest in your coast?
(3/23/16) In memoriam: Orville T. Magoon, 1928-2016: ASBPA President, 1984-1995, O'Brien award winner, 1994: Interview with Lesley Ewing, 2010
(3/11/16) BEACH NEWS: Corps RSM team honored by beach association
(3/8/16) BEACH NEWS: How can Congress invest in your coast?
(2/23/16) BEACH NEWS: Planning ahead for coastal resilience
(2/9/16) BEACH NEWS: “Healthy coasts” the focus of upcoming Coastal Summit
(1/26/16) BEACH NEWS: Still bracing for a Godzilla El Niño in 2016?
(1/12/16) BEACH NEWS: Nominate your coastline as a Best Restored Beach
(1/11/16) Executive Summary of the 2016-2018 ASBPA Strategic Plan is now available

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2016 National Coastal Conference Conferences
Oct. 25-28 at the Ocean Place Resort,
Long Branch, NJ

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ASBPA is dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing our coasts by merging science and public policy.